I’m not the mayor so I am going to say it how it is:


Most of us in Bluffdale SUCK!!


Now before you get mad, let’s look up some stats and see if you agree with me. In Bluffdale, we have about 20,000 residents. Of those residents, 9,389 are registered to vote. In the primary election, we only had 1,916 ballots returned so just for fun, let’s do some math:

      • Less than half of Bluffdale residents register to vote
      • Of those who register 1 every 5 actually follow through
      • .09% of residents control the voting of what is going on
      • and 100% of residents (this stat is in my head- but 99% sure its a fact) complain about how things are being run.

If you look at the “Bluffdale Times” The Mayor quote says:

“Civic duty plays a vital role in maintaining a thriving community. Voting is one of the most important civic roles we have.”


Now let’s be real, most of us don’t give two “f’s” about our “civic roles” and we just want people to do things “right” aka do things the way we want…Without having to tell anyone… Ya, I don’t see the problem with this either/I know I am not the only one.


Vulnerable Moment – I am not registered to vote


I guess from my perspective people have not messed up badly enough for me to care. Complaining and talking about how other people suck IS WAY EASIER and apparently, 91% of Bluffdale is on the same page as me because we are NOT doing anything about it. 

On the other hand, I will say I have been learning more and

Oh boy is there DRAMA!!!!


From death threats to lawsuits, people wanting to be “overlords” and the #slums at the tip of the iceberg there is A LOT going on in our quiet town of Bluffdale.


So what now?!

I am creating this space to spill the tea! To educate those like me who expect everyone to just do it right to hopefully get passionate enough about something to register or care enough to want to be a part of the change that they want to see.

So lets,

Spill the Tea – City Drama

Everything you want to know about city drama without working hard to get it.