I don’t know about you but “Civic Duty” is NOT super motivating for me. I am probably showing that I am a crappy American who should care more but everything in the image above stresses me out! I don’t know how to read it, don’t know what to do with it, and to be honest I am not sure how I even got it in the first place.

So in an effort to be better, I hit the Googles… and lasted about 30 seconds before I was so overwhelmed by legal “stuff” that I quit.

From the limiting information, I know this Prop #13 thing is a big deal for us people in Bluffdale. This came up last year and everyone said – NO and why would you say anything different

Pay more taxes please

…. I’ll pass.

(So I thought)

All of the drama is connected to the Fire and Police Protection fund. If you are thinking not my problem you are wrong. Last year this came up and the majority said no BUT KEEP IN MIND ONLY on average .09% of residents control actually vote >> or figure out what to do with all of the stuff in that picture above. 

Anyway, we gave the middle finger and GUESS WHAT!!!

We paid for it!!

Want to know why we didn’t do Old West Days and other events… Someone had to pay for Police and Fire and all of the budgets that might go toward awesome fun things went to the highest priority. 

Now I get there is a lot of other crap that goes into these things but $8.27 a month is not going to kill most of us PLUS I heard that if we can’t cover it this way there are other ways of doing it that WE WILL PAY THROUGH THE NOSE FOR IT.

Think about it… we are not NOT going to have police and fire, it’s gotta come from somewhere, last year sucked and now that you can see how dominos impact you maybe you will figure out how to get a Yellow envelope in the mail to do something about it. 

I LOVE Bluffdale,

this is my home and I want it to be AMAZING!!! I am going to figure out what to do with all of this stuff and mail back my vote today! I am voting in favor of Prop #13 and if anyone wants to talk about it use the comments!