“Widely recognized as one of the most important economic opportunities in state history, The Point consists of 600 acres of state-owned land that will be built into Utah’s Innovation Community. The new community will foster innovation and technological advancement, provide parks and open space, support economic growth, and enhance Utahns’ quality of life.

The first phase of development will serve as a catalyst for the site. Located at the heart of the site, it is reflective of Utahns’ vision. It includes a pedestrian-priority area, Central Park, regional trail connections, transit-oriented development, a balanced mix of jobs, housing, retail, shopping, entertainment, and so much more.”

Source: https://thepointutah.org/

What’s The Point?

Explore the history of the point and plans for its future.

Public Arts Plan

The land authority is working with an award-winning team to prepare the Public Arts Plan for the Point

Phase One Development

Phase I Development Plans have been released! Located at the heart of the site, they reflect what Utahns want at The Point.

Development Partner

The development partners, Innovation Point Partners, consists of three development groups: Lincoln Property Company, Colmena Group, and Wadsworth Development. They have been selected to help build the first phase of development at The Point.