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Local At The Point Professional Realtor® 

Tanisia Davis

Becoming a licensed realtor was a natural shift for Tanisia after managing multiple investment properties for both short-term Airbnb rentals and long-term rentals, flipping homes into duplexes, transaction coordinating for a licensed agent, and designing and building real estate property from the ground up.

As a licensed professional Tanisia founded Brick By Brick Real Estate in 2019 with the mission statement “Your Dreams Matter” wanting to support client dreams and joined Homes for Heros in 2023 putting her mission statement into action and supporting those who sacrifice to keep the dreams of all those around them alive.

Tanisia is known for her attention to the documentation and legalities of real estate contracts, superior negotiating tactics, always going the extra mile and providing enthusiastic guidance through each phase of the real estate process. Tanisia specializes in Salt Lake County and Utah County, resell markets as well as New Construction Sales. 


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