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Revenue Share

Revenue Share Program

Exp Realty has redesigned the traditional brokerage to create a company where agents can share in the revenue. The proof is in the numbers when it comes to eXp Realty Revenue Sharing Program.

Diverse Revenue Options 

Agents at eXp Realty can receive revenue share from the sales activity of the productive agents they sponsor into the company.

No One Looses

Revenue share is paid by eXp Realty and doesn’t reduce agent commission or income opportunity. Agents from the same sponsorship line all benefit. 

Revenue Share Plan

Agents earn based on adjusted gross commission income (AGCI) from transactions closed by a personally sponsored agent and productive agents in their overall group.

eXp Realty

Revenue Share

Revenue Share Plan

Exp Realty revenue share plan is one way that eXp rewards its agents for attracting new agents to join eXp.

Simply, an eXp agent can “sponsor” a new agent to join eXp.

Once the new agent begins closing on transactions, the sponsor receives a percentage of the company revenue from the sales activity of their sponsored agent until their annual commission cap of $16,000 is reached.

Important note: eXp pays that share — NOT the agent. It is taken from the 20% adjusted gross commission income (AGCI) received by eXp, and is paid to the sponsor agent monthly.

Single Agent Revenue Share*


3.5% of the gross commission

Agents at eXp can receive revenue share income from the sales activity of agents they bring into the company.

For each person you bring into eXp you can earn up to $2,800 depending on the sales production of that person.

This continues to be paid to you as long as you remain an active agent and the agent you have brought into the business stays with eXp and generates sales requirements.

Revenue share is paid from the percentage that eXp receives and doesn’t reduce agent commission.

    Cascading Revenue Share



    Earn more for BOTH the productive agents you bring into eXp Realty AS WELL as for the agents they bring in.

    As an example:

    If you personally sponsor 5 agents to eXp who meet the production requirements, and they in turn sponsor their own productive agents, you can earn up to up to an additional $3,200 annually for the production of each of those Tier 2 agents, ON TOP of the $2,800 you earn from the agents that you have brought in.

      eXp Revenue Sharing Example

      Let’s say you recommend eXp to a friend as a great brokerage and they join and name you as their sponsor.

      As an agent, you personally sponsored they would be on your Level 1.

      Now let’s say that the Level 1 agent had a partner who also wanted to join BUT they joined under your  Friend.

      Whenever an agent you personally sponsor attracts another agent, that new agent is now on your Level 2.

      This continues in this manner all the way until you have agents on your Level 7.

      On level 1 you earn 3.5% up to $2800 annually. So let’s say your Level 1 agent closes a $400,000 deal and earns a 3% commission, $12,000. You earn 3.5% of the $12,000 which equals $420.

      Now, lets run the same numbers on Tier 2 but on this level you have the potential to  earn 4% of the $12,000 which equals $480.

      Revenue share and all of the levels can be confusing so if you have any questions just reach out!



      Keep More Commission

      Keep 80-100% of commissions at alow cap with NO desk fees, NO royalty fees, and NO franchise fees.


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      It’s something you already do, but now get paid to do it while transforming your business.


      Become A Stock Owner

      In 2013, eXp Realty became a publicly-traded company under the ticker “EXPI.”


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