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Brick By Brick is NOT a marketing company—we prioritize supporting local businesses over profit and because we are already doing the marketing for our business so we can save you a ton of money in yours! 

 Opt for our annual 360 Coverage Plan and gain complete coverage in your business marketing through print, social media, email, in person events and more! 

Explore each of our offers below and discover how you can market your business through the following channels:

At The Point Magazine

 Quarterly distribution to Bluffdale residences located At The Point.

At The Point Events

Monthly community events featuring face-to-face interactions.

Every Door Direct Postcards

Customize direct marketing to specific geographic locations.

Monthly Email Campaigns

Stay top of mind with targeted monthly email appearances.

At The Point Freebies

Utilize our free marketing for greater company exposure.

At The Point Magazine

360 COVERAGE Free magazine entries in every quarterly publication.

Secure a prominent quarter-page spread in every quarterly magazine.

Choose between our complementary professional design services or submit your custom artwork for publication.

Need Help Designing?

We offer hassle-free solutions tailored to your needs. Simply provide us with your website details and preferences, and we’ll handle the rest, designing your space with ease and efficiency.


Optimize Your Resources

The 360 coverage comes with a quarter page spread in EVERY magazine print.

You can also upgrade your coverage by adding any of the following sizes for more exposure: 


  • BANNER: 7 5/8″ Wide x 1 1/2″ HIGH
  • QUARTER PAGE: Horizontal – 7 5/8″ Wide x 2 3/8″ High or block – 3 3/8″ Wide x 4 3/8″ HIGH
  • HALF PAGE: Horizontal – 7 5/8″ Wide x 4 1/2″ High or Vertical –    3 5/8″ Wide x 9 3/8″” High
  • FULL PAGE: 7 5/8″ Wide x 9 3/8″ High

Leverage our inhouse design team FREE!

Publication Schedule & Deadlines

To secure placement in our NEXT magazine print, please ensure that purchases are completed 60 days before the publication date, and artwork submissions are received no later than 45 days before the publication date.

  • QUARTER ONE: March
  • QUARTER THREE: September
  • QUARTER FOUR: December

Magazines are in homes by the end of the first week of the month they are published.

Magazine Details

Material: 50# CFs3

The term “50# CFs3” refers to a specific paper grade commonly used in the printing industry, especially for magazines.

  • 50#: This indicates the weight or basis weight of the paper. In this case, it is 50 pounds (lbs) per 500 sheets of paper in its basic size.
  • CFs3: This denotes the finish or coating of the paper. “CF” stands for coated and “s3” indicates the specific type of coating or finish.

Color Conversions: CMYK

A CMYK color conversion refers to the process of translating colors from the RGB color model (Red, Green, Blue) to the CMYK color model (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black). This conversion is necessary primarily for printing purposes.

Here’s a brief explanation:

1. RGB vs. CMYK:

  • RGB (Red, Green, Blue): Used in digital devices like monitors, cameras, and scanners. It is an additive color model where colors are created by combining varying intensities of red, green, and blue light.
  • CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black): Used in color printing. It is a subtractive color model where colors are created by subtracting varying percentages of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks.

2. Printing Process: Most color printing processes use CMYK inks. When you design something on a computer screen (using RGB) and want to print it, a conversion to CMYK is necessary for accurate color reproduction on paper.

3. Color Limitations: RGB can represent a wider range of colors than CMYK. Some vibrant RGB colors may fall outside the printable gamut of CMYK, leading to a shift in color appearance during printing.

4. Accuracy in Printing: Converting to CMYK ensures that what you see on your screen is more accurately represented in the final printed material. It helps avoid surprises in color variations between digital design and printed output.

5. Black Component (Key): The “K” in CMYK stands for Key, which represents the black color. Adding black improves the depth and richness of colors in print and helps create true blacks without relying solely on the combination of cyan, magenta, and yellow.

In summary, CMYK color conversion is necessary for ensuring accurate and consistent color representation when transferring digital designs to print. It helps align the color gamut of digital displays with the color capabilities of printing processes.

.125″ Bleed Around Artwork

A .125″ bleed refers to an extra margin or extension beyond the final trim size of a printed document. The bleed is added on each side (top, bottom, left, and right) of the document, and its purpose is to accommodate variations in the printing and cutting processes.

Here’s what it means and why it’s essential:

    • Printing Tolerances: During the printing process, there may be slight shifts or variations in the paper alignment. Bleed accounts for these variations, ensuring that there are no white borders or unprinted edges on the final product.
    • Cutting Variations: After printing, the document is trimmed to its final size. Bleed provides a buffer zone, so if the cutting process is slightly off, there won’t be any visible gaps between the design elements and the edge of the paper.
Distribution & Statistics

The At The Point Magazine is distributed to residences situated in the 84056 ZIP code, specifically at the Point of the Mountain.

*Stastitics below last updated 4/15/2021

# Route SFDU (Single-family Dwelling Units)


(Multi-family Dwelling Units)

Businesses Total Units


R001 527 0 82 609
2 R212 504 4 10 518
3 R032 566 6 13 585
4 R050 573 7 1 581
5 R056 418 170 88 676
6 R071 607 17 27 651
7 R074 853 2 22 875
Total 4,048 204 243 4,495
# Average Income Med_ Home Value Average Age


$98,796 $399,110 37
2 $120,910 $523,586 50
3 $120,910



4 $103,656 $477,220 47
5 $94,000 $356,310 37
6 $102,453 $444,406 49
7 $94,160 $318,146 35

*Last updated 4/15/2021

At The Point Events

360 COVERAGE Free vendor entry at ALL Brick By Brick community events

From Easter egg hunts and casino charity events to business networking and educational seminars, each of our events offers exclusive opportunities for our 360 Coverage members to seamlessly connect with the community at no cost.


Free Bonus for all Businesses

At The Point Events
The 360 coverage includes exposure at our Annual Easter Event and Casino Night regardsless if you attend in person or not. 

    Brick By Brick proudly supports Homes for Heroes, and offer special perks at all our events for community heroes, including firefighters, police officers, medical personnel, teachers, military, and veterinarians.

    Event Marketing Enhancement Package

    Eager to make a substantial impact at our community events or seeking enhanced exposure for your own? Consider upgrading any event to include our Enhanced Marketing Package with the following benefits before and after each event:


    • 2 social media posts and story announcements with tags before the event, introducing your presence and a custom invitation.
    • Your company involvement will be featured in the pinned event description on the private Facebook group.
    • 1 social media post and story announcement thanking you for your support.
    • Have your event pinned on our social media channels for easy access, starting one month before the event.


    • Your company will enjoy a custom spotlight in the email event announcement before the event.
    • Your company logo will be prominently listed as a sponsor at the bottom of all event email notifications.


    • Your company will showcase its logo as a sponsor on the event webpage.
    • Your company logo will be displayed as a sponsor on online event registration websites.

    *Enhancement company upgrades are limited for each event.

    Event Sponsors

    Sponsor a specific aspect of an event and receive the following benefits:

    • Experience all the advantages of the event enhancement package with heightened exposure, including increased logo size, enhanced spotlight colors, and more prominent visibility.
    • A company plaque will be displayed at the sponsored table/activity.
    • Your company will receive a name call-out and thank you during the event.

    *Sponsors who contribute additional funds to the event will also be granted dedicated time to address the event attendees.

    CLICK HERE To See All Sponsorship Opportunities

    Brick By Brick Event Support (Limited Slots Available)

    At Brick By Brick, our commitment extends to actively supporting the community through monthly community events. These events, either organized by us or in collaboration with a partnered company, involve the hand-delivery of personalized invitations to every home in the Independence community—totaling over 2,000 homes. These invitations uniquely feature the event details on one side and your custom message on the other, allowing you to effectively communicate with the Independence community.

    Limited spots are available for event support, providing all the advantages of sponsorship, coupled with heightened exposure through hand-delivered invitations. This exclusive exposure guarantees that your brand and offerings take center stage, ensuring maximum reach and impact within the Independence community.

    Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Post Cards

    360 COVERAGE Enjoy complimentary postcard distribution to a dedicated carrier route of your choice, averaging around 600 pieces each year.

    Do you have an exclusive offer, coupon, event, or noteworthy information that you’d like to share with a specific geographic location?

    Seamlessly reach your target audience by sending custom postcards tailored to specific locations, all at a fraction of the cost.

    Our efficient and cost-effective solution ensures that your message resonates precisely where it matters most.

    EDDM Options
    If you’re looking to expand your 360 complimentary postcards to a larger area or send direct custom postcards, you won’t find a more affordable option than here. While the most competitive online competitors charge $0.70 a door, we can do it for a fraction of the cost!

    Place your next EDDM order here

    *Enjoy 10% off your order if you distribute the same postcard to a minimum of 3 carrier routes. 

    *Simplify the process with our in-house design services FREE

    Publication Timelines

    Experience an efficient and thorough EDDM postcard process that spans from the printer to mailbox delivery within 10 – 15 business days.

    Upon approval and printing of your artwork, our streamlined process typically takes one week to print, cut, and prep your postcards after the artwork is submitted to our printing team.

    Once off the press, orders are meticulously prepared for delivery and promptly submitted to USPS within three days of printing. Same-day rush preparations are available for an additional fee.

    Once prepared and dropped off at USPS, postcards are expedited for delivery, reaching recipients on the next business day.

    Count on a well-orchestrated timeline for a seamless, prompt, and affordable EDDM campaign.

    Additional Considerations
    • Unlock a 50% discount by sharing one side of the postcard with Brick By Brick. We’ll contribute half of the total bill, allowing you to utilize 1/2 of the postcard space at a reduced cost.
    • Unlock a 25% discount by sharing the postcard 1/4 of the postcard with Brick By Brick. We’ll contribute a quarter of the total bill, allowing you to utilize 3/4 of the postcard space at a reduced cost.
    • For postcard distributions outside of Salt Lake and Utah County, an additional $30 delivery fee will apply.

    At The Point Email Campaigns

    360 COVERAGE Enjoy a complimentary introduction email to the extensive Brick By Brick email database.

    360 members enjoy free entries into specific email databases with thousands of subscribers. Promote your coupons, events, or content you want to share with At The Point Business and Event Subscribers, ensuring top-of-mind awareness in the community.

    Want More Exposure?


    360 Coverage subscribers can also enjoy a 10% discount to advertise in other Brick By Brick email campaigns, seizing exclusive savings while expanding their reach through our diverse email marketing opportunities.

    Email Campaign Options

    Maintain top-of-mind awareness by seizing opportunities to advertise and share your message in our email drip campaigns, including:

    • At The Point Monthly Newsletter: Covering all things at The Point.
    • Business Exclusive: Exclusive community coupons, events, and updates from local businesses.
    • At The Point Events: Monthly calendar updates on what’s happening At The Point.
    • Home Search Alerts: Set your wish list and receive notifications when new homes matching your criteria hit the market.
    • Real Estate Market Updates: Stay informed about how the market is changing around you.
    • Home Values: Receive a monthly update on changes in your home value, including a Premium Homebot account.
    • Interest Rates: Get timely notifications on rate changes and their impact on the real estate market.
    • At The Point Events: Monthly calendar updates on what’s happening At The Point.
    • Buyer Journey: A monthly action plan to prepare for home buying, including free credit repair and financial planning.
    • Seller Journey: Tips and guides for selling your home.

    Support The Cause


    At Brick By Brick, we are dedicated to actively contributing to our local community and promoting local businesses. If you align with our mission and wish to support our endeavors, here are a few meaningful ways you can show your support.

    Your support in business, real estate, and agent referrals plays a significant role in our ability to continue doing what we do.

    Thank you for being a supporter and a part of our Brick By Brick growth.

    CLICK HERE to make a donation and support our community events, junior business support, and other important initiatives.

    Help us spread the word by sharing our events and information, liking and following us on social media, and engaging in our private online community: Brick By Brick At The Point Private Group.

    Looking forward to seeing  you at the next event!


    Looking to Buy Or Sell - Real Estate Refferal

    As a prominent real estate company, we extend a warm welcome to you and your referrals for those seeking to buy or sell residential homes nationwide.

    Being part of one of the most professional and highest-performing nationwide teams, we guarantee exceptional service for you and your loved ones, regardless of the location. If you are in Utah, we would be delighted to serve you and your referrals directly!

    The ability to serve more families and individuals with their real estate needs is invaluable and plays a significant role in our future success, enabling us to continue to do what we do.

    Connect with us first, regardless of your location for your real estate needs, and rest assured that you and your referrals will receive top-notch care.

    Start or Revolutionize Your Real Estate Career - Agent Referral

    If you wake up every day lacking the energy and excitement to pursue your goals with multiple revenue streams and opportunities, we’d love to connect!

    We are looking for established real estate agents or those looking to start a career in real estate to connect and collaborate with experienced agents in an open book of business. Elevate your career while retaining 100% of your commissions.

    Your referrals and collaboration play a vital role in our collective success and growth in the real estate field, changing lives for families and individuals.

    Elevate Your Business or Refer a Business We Can Support - Business Referral

    Share this page with your business connections to showcase the various ways we can support their local businesses. If you are a business marketing to At The Point residents or know of someone who is, we would love to serve as a valuable resource.

    Active business participation not only benefits individual enterprises but also empowers us to contribute more to the community—a cause that holds great significance for us.

    Your collaboration allows us to enhance our community-focused initiatives, making a positive impact on the local landscape.


    Take advantage of valuable opportunities and register your next event on our public subscribable calendar, add your business to our online directory, and join our Business Networking Group—all at no cost.