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Mentorship Program

Connect with a LOCAL real estate mentor who will assist you with everything you need to know on your first 3 transactions at eXp.

Training Resources

Take advantage of 60+ hours of LIVE training each week in their virtual cloud office eXp World or watch recorded sessions on your own time.

In-Person Local Training

Meet with your broker, local team, eXp Peers for in person training/meetings. Find monthly or quarterly in-person meetings. 

Education + Mentoring

Is eXp Realty Good for New Agents?





If you are a newly licensed real estate agent or within your first three transactions in the last 12 months, eXp has created the eXpand Mentoring Program so you can be paired with a local real estate mentor who will not only assist you with your contract questions, they will also make sure you are able to navigate all the systems, tools and education coursework at eXp.

Many eXp mentors will allow you to shadow them at listing and buyer appointments, so you can get a true feel for the process.

you have the ability to pick your own mentor and have support locally and virtually.

All of the eXp Mentors have gone through a certification process to ensure that they can provide all the help you may need.

When in the mentorship program, there is an additional 20% commission split for your first three residential sales, in addition to the regular eXp split which breaks down to be 10% to your mentor and 10% to the mentorship program. If you join a team the team can absorb your mentorship and the commission splits will be whatever the team has designated. 



Even though At eXp Realty we are a cloud-based brokerage you are NOT ALONE. There are local brokers and teams in every state and multiple countries to support you!

We never want you to feel like you are floating around out there with no one to lean on.  Aside from a dedicated support team for new agents to eXp you will also have your local Broker.

Each local eXp Broker offers weekly meetings and new agent orientation, and contract training sessions throughout the year. 

They are available for any contract or client issues you may encounter over the course of your career.

Each state has there own private group in Workplace (It’s like Facebook but ONLY for eXp Agents) you can network with those under your same broker office and local to you. 

Also at eXp World you can meet in your state broker’s virtual office space and visit others if you have questions that cross state lines. 

For your first year at eXp Realty, you are assigned a concierge who can assist with all things eXp. 

If you need help navigating our virtual office, need to order business cards or aren’t sure who to contact with a specific question, they are there for you!



    Don’t get lost in a sea of agents, don’t be a second priority to someone else’s production, don’t isolate yourself from training opportunities. It is so easy to be in an office of hundreds of agents and feel completely alone. 

    At eXp, you’ll always have multiple people you can rely on, from your Mentor to your broker, agent concierge, and sponsor (Me! and Brick By Brick has A LOT to give). 

    With being a stock owner in a company everyone is on the same team to help the company grow which has resulted in a lot of team support. You will have your mentorship team, your brokerage team, your sponsorship team, you can create your own team, you can find groups and teams in Workplace from powerhouse women to honeybadgers the list goes on and on.

    Both local in personal support and virtual support from abroad we have you covered and supported on every side. 


      Is eXp Realty Good for ALL Agents?





      Saying that eXp Con changed my life in 2021 may sound dramatic but there is really no other way to put it… It truly did!!

      Every fall agents from all over the world get together at EXPCON (the largest eXp conference) and it is an event you DO’T want to miss. Also, did you know you DON’T have to be an eXp agent to attend?! So if you have someone who is interested in eXp there is no better introduction than at eXp Con.

      In addition to eXp Con there is one other BIG event and that is eXp Shareholders meeting in the spring. 

      Location varies every year, but no matter where it is, you absolutely need to go to one of our eXp conferences.

      Meet people you’ve met,  attend virtual classes and training that will blow your mind and up your real estate game in new ways. Step outside your comfort zone to learn and at the end of it all let your hair down and enjoy the after-party.

      Both EXPCON and the Shareholders conference offer something a little different, but both are an opportunity to learn and connect with some of the most innovative people in the real estate industry. 



      Jump into a virtual world at eXp Realty,  and experience eXp Realty’s cloud-campus environment.  Never stop learning with 60+ hours of live training each week, collaborate and share learning from any location in the world.

      Not tech-savvy? No problem! eXp has a LIVE support team available to help you get your systems and tools up and running.

      eXp Realty has a daily training calendar that covers everything from lead generation strategies to team building, branding, social media, video marketing, sales scripts, contract negotiation strategies and so much more.

      Learn about the latest industry tools and apps like  KVCore the free lead generation website eXp offers our agents.

      In addition to the regular staff, eXp’s ICON Agents regularly volunteer to share their best practices.

      If you are not able to make it during the live training you can always watch it after! Many of the live eXp Realty training classes are recorded and have been invaluable to the eXp agents.



        Jump right in with two feet with eXp Realty’s Fast Start Series which runs every two weeks and offers 14 one-hour courses.

        This is a two-week-long program of live courses geared to real estate agents getting started in eXp + the industry in general. This is a hands-on program designed to give help you learn the tools and fundamentals you need to become a success within the first two weeks of joining eXp.

        “We are really solving the problem for a ‘new to the business agent’ as well as those agents who are new to eXp.”

        Kirtus Dixon, Program Director at eXp University

        Fast Start Program Curriculum

        101 — Navigating eXp Roadmap — Overview of eXp’s tools. 

        102 — Setting up your eXp business — Tutorial on how to set up profiles across all of eXp’s platforms. 

        103 — eXp Connect program — Overview on eXp agents’ personal Connect Concierge, who will assist a new agent for the first 365 days at eXp Realty.

        104 — Mentor program overview — This is designed for eXp agents who are new to selling real estate. Agents are taught how to leverage the brokerage, their mentor and maximize their success.

        105 — Workplace as a mobile office — Instructions on how agents can use their mobile device to maximize eXp’s Workplace communications tool.

        106 — Real estate fundamentals — Covers the building blocks of success in real estate, including marketing, lead generation and more.

        107 — Real estate business planning — Overview of fundamentals and tools needed to establish a business plan.

        108 — Lead generation fundamentals —  Overview of key concepts that will serve as the foundation for building a lead generation plan.

        109 — Lead conversion fundamentals — Covers the fundamentals of lead conversion, including building relationships, qualifying leads and setting appointments.

        110 — Database management fundamentals — Overview of key concepts to build and leverage a real estate database, including CRM overview, managing profile records, statuses and tagging as well as strategies and tactics that can be implemented immediately.

        111 — Sales fundamentals — Overview of the process of converting leads to clients, including methods for engaging leads, how to build trust, add value and building name recognition. 

        112 — Working with buyers — Provides insight on different types of buyers, and serves as a how-to guide to get them through the buying process, and move them from being “lookers” to “owners.”

        113 — Working with sellers — Helps agents understand how to earn the trust of sellers, learn their motivations for moving and help set their expectations for the selling process.  

        114 — Workplace as a business tool — This course will cover getting to know Workplace groups, creating a group and identify groups to follow. 


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          In 2013, eXp Realty became a publicly-traded company under the ticker “EXPI.”


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