“Dirty Jobs”


Window Well Cleaning

$15/per well

Dog Poop Scooping

$15/per kitchen size trash bag

Head light Restoration

$60/per car

Peephole Installation

$30/per peephole

Snow Shoveling

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Multiple services performed = custom package price

About Our Entrepreneur

Derek wants to become an entrepreneur, and has always loved finding ways to make his own money in his own businesses. He loves serving others, and  is currently saving up to go a humanitarian trip this summer to Cambodia where he will be building classrooms for an overcrowded and underfunded school.

Derek is also preparing to serve his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ for Latter Day Saints. He is an awesome kid a a great business owner!! 

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Brick by Brick is excited and PROUD to sponsor our Jr. Business Entrepreneurs! We are pursuing our dreams and are excited to help the youth find and follow theirs!

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