The City of Bluffdale assigns addresses based on the Salt Lake Base and Meridian Grid System. The Engineering Department is responsible for ensuring that the City follows the County Addressing Ordinance requirements and standards.

It is crucial that these standards are followed so that emergency responders can quickly and easily find the caller’s location when time is critical. The USPS also depends on addresses being consistent and correct so that mail can be delivered accurately.

For a copy of the Bluffdale address grid, email Engineering.


The Engineering department manages the Bid process for capital improvement and roadway projects. This department also monitors and ensures that all construction standards and specifications are met for capital improvements, roadway projects and public areas within private developments.

Bidding on Projects

Projects put out for bid will be advertised in the Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News, Utah Legal Notices, and posted on SCIQUEST. All project documents can be viewed and downloaded from the SCIQUEST website free of charge once you have registered.


The Engineering Department is responsible for all of the civil infrastructure within the city. This includes the design, planning and construction of improvement projects, as well as infrastructure maintenance, management plan review and engineering construction inspection in private developments. 
Most projects bid by the Bluffdale City Engineering Department will be posted on the SciQuest Website. To download project documents, go to the SciQuest Website, and register as a vendor.

The Engineering Department also:

    • Issues addresses
    • Provides and maintains city maps utilizing Geographical Information System (GIS)
    • Provides as-built information on city utilities and buildings
    • Develops and monitors construction standards and specifications
    • Oversees traffic safety