The sky is NOT falling, our real estate market is actually normalizing… it’s called a

“Decelerating Market”.



Might be waiting because they think it’s not a good investment to buy real estate right now and that prices will collapse.


Might be kicking themselves because they think they missed the boat on sky-high offers.  

In the end, they’re both a little right… and a little wrong 


In 2020 & 2021 – our markets nationwide saw a national average of 15% appreciation/ rise in home values…. which is,

absolutely record-breaking, and… not normal

The 25-year average is right below 4% appreciation (increase in home’s value)

so right now we’re trending back toward what’s considered “normal”. At the end of the day, homes are STILL APPRECIATING but at a much slower pace…. and this is ok 🙂 

All in all…. homeownership, statistically and historically is an investment because over time you should still see an appreciation in your home’s value (+3.8% more)

… so yes, in our opinion, real estate is still a good investment!!