Real Estate has forever changed my life

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I am so excited to connect and grow opportunities with you.

If you are not having the time of your life in this career you are doing it wrong.

If you do not have multiple revenue streams in this career you are working too hard!

If you are just joining the industry I am about to blow your mind at what you thought was possible.

I hope to have an impact on your real estate career and help you reach new heights!

Tanisia Davis, Founder of Brick by Brick

You are not going to like this. . .


The video below is the first step down the rabbit hole and I would ask that you watch all of the videos before reaching out to connect!

WHY?  Because I want to work with those who are serious about changing their lives and absolutely loving this career.

If you are reading this I have something MORE I can offer you BUT you are in the driver’s seat and the choice is yours.

If you’re curious enough and want to go down the same path I did, you have the potential to change your life and open the door to so many opportunities.  

*Fair warning what you will see and hear you won’t be able to unsee and it is going to drive you crazy as you start looking at real estate through a new lens of what’s possible.

Watch All 9 Videos To See What Exp Realty Is All About:

Why I Switched 

eXplained in 9 Minutes

Build for Burnout or Build to Retire

The Model Explained

If you want to change your life and career in real estate this is where you start

Why Amy Gregory Joined 

Compare The Traditional Brokerage

Why Gyongyver (GoGo) Bethke Joined

Others Like You Who Made The Move


Keep More Commission

Keep 80-100% of commissions at alow cap with NO desk fees, NO royalty fees, and NO franchise fees.


Earn Additional Income

It’s something you already do, but now get paid to do it while transforming your business.


Become A Stock Owner

In 2013, eXp Realty became a publicly-traded company under the ticker “EXPI.”


World-Class Training

Never stop learning and learn from those that are doing the BEST in the industry v.s. your local market.

A Little Bit of Everything

When you join with Brick by Brick you not only get EVERYTHING we have to offer but you also get ALL of the resources from incredible powerhouse teams and individuals all connected to it.

Check out a few of their websites below and get excited because EVERYTHING they offer is FREE to you when you join with Tanisia Davis.

I’m not going to lie. . .

The list of everything you get is so long it’s a little bit ridiculous

Join Brick by Brick and get private facebook group with 80% auto post foundation + guidelines on how to funnel opportunities to you. Get a local magazine distributed to your community 4x a year ($15,000 value). Join and implement turn key events in your area with $0 out of pocket. Get 50% off all quarterly Agent Bashes.

+ More!



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