Americans Leaving Largely-Populated Cities

A new report finds that in 2020, 1.25 percent of Americans moved away from largely-populated cities across the country. With a 7.3 percent reduction in population, San Francisco witnessed the most residents moving out. New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Miami rounded out the top five cities losing the most residents. 

“With an increase in remote working and scholastic environments, many professionals and families alike are opting for a less-crowded living environment,” the report said. “The data suggests that developed urban areas carry less appeal in a post-pandemic world.”

TOP Data analyzed GPS tracking data of over 60 million smartphone users across 180 mobile apps to understand the rate of relocation at a national, state, county, and city level. Relocations were compared over a 12-month timeframe to see the population shifts that occurred during the pandemic and identify cities that have been heavily impacted by the crisis.